Participants will be able to:
  • Name the math practice standards, the ten shifts of math instruction, and core math instructional practices.
  • Plan for the math block with whole and small group instruction using the Envision materials.

9:30-10:00 AM
Name that Practice
  • Math Practice Standards
  • Ten Shifts in Math Instruction
  • Core Math Instructional Practices
  • Talk Moves

Example of Math Practices in Action

Grade K

Grade 1

Grade 4

Grade 5


10:00-10:30 AM
Overview of the Math Block
  • What routines and procedures will I need to set into place to make the math block work?

10:30-11:00 AM
Plan for Math Instruction
  • Overview of Sample Plan
  • With your grade level peers, outline topic one using the lesson planning format. Or, outline topic two using the lesson planning format.


Grade One

Grade Two

Grade Three

Grade Four

Grade Five

11:00-11:30 AM
Student Learning and Professional Goal in Math
  • If you had a professional and or student learning SMART goal in math, what would it be?