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Participants will be able to:
  • Describe the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice (SsMP).
  • Identify when you are or a colleague is using a [[#|math practice]] when problem solving.
  • Identify how to use talk moves as a teaching tool for implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
  • Discuss how a number talk supports students' mathematical thinking.

Number Talk of the Day

Activity #1:

Number Talk Video Guide
Today, we will watch two examples of number talks. Use the recording sheet to take notes during the video.

Beginning the Day with a Math Problem-Do and Discuss Math

Activity #2:

Mathematical Practices

Activity #3

What are the mathematical practices? What do they mean for our teaching?

SsMP #2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

Video: Fifth graders reason abstractly and quantitatively.

SsMP #5: Use appropriate tools strategically.

Two third graders share their version of the handshake problems using tools to model.

Video: Fifth and sixth graders use appropriate tools strategically.

Let's reflect:
What do the MPs look, sound like in the classroom?

Problem Solving [[#|Structures]]

More Addition and Subtractions Sample Solving Structures

Math Problem-Do and Discuss Math

Activity #4:

Math Problem of the Day


During these do and discuss math approaches we are modeling a three part problem solving approach.
Read more here.

Math Strategy in Action

Activity #5

Talk Moves


Activity #6

Reading Assignment