Pre-Reading Assignment:

Read the following. Annotate the text. Be ready to discuss the articles.

Mathematical Practices.jpg


Participants will be able to:
  • Describe the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice (SsMP).
  • Identify when you are or a colleague is using a math practice when problem solving.
  • Identify how to use math journals as a teaching tool for implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
  • Discuss how a number talk supports students' mathematical thinking.

Let's Get to Know Who Is Here

Let's Get Organized

Number Talk of the Day

Activity #1:

Number Talk Video Guide
Today, we will watch two examples of number talks. Use the recording sheet to take notes during the video.

More Videos to Watch on Number Talks
Examples of Number Talks

Beginning the Day with a Math Problem-Do and Discuss Math

Problem Solving Lesson Steps.jpg

Activity #2:

Mathematical Practices

Activity #3:

Read the descriptions for the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice (SsMP). Highlight all of the verbs. Chart out the verbs for your assigned mathematical practice.

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you notice about the verbs? What do they have in common? Where have you seen these before?
2. What are the implications of the practices for our teaching?

Teacher Resources for the Mathematical Practices

What are the mathematical practices? What do they mean for our teaching?

Activity #4:

SsMP #1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Link to Problems of the Month

Grade 5/6 Students show how they make sense of a problem and persevere.

British students build confidence through problem solving.

Using lifelines to build perseverance.

SsMP#6: Attend to precision.

Grade 5/6 Students show how they attend to precision.

Let's Reflect:
What do MPs look like, sound like in the classroom?

Math Problem(s) of the Day-Do and Discuss Math

Activity #5:

Sticker Collection
Purpose: Engage in a common math doing experience with colleagues and to create a touchstone experience that can be minded for examples of the 8 mathematical practices.

Problem Solving Lesson Steps.jpg

During these do and discuss math approaches we are modeling a three part problem solving approach.
Read more here.

Math Strategy in Action

Activity #6:

SsMP#3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Video of Math Journals:

Let's Reflect:
What do MPIs look, sound like in the classroom?


Activity #7

Reading Assignment:

Read the following. Annotate the text. Be ready to discuss the articles.